Grasmere, Lake District, Gretna Green, Edinburgh Tattoo: Trip Notes

Today’s first stop is in the Lake District, Grasmere.  Weather very changeable – rain/sun patches.  We’d previously shot Wordsworth’s “Dove Cottage” so concentrated on the village, though I rephotographed the Wordsworth family graves in the churchyard.  Nice shots of river next to cemetary, but I missed the shot of ducks taking off through bad anticipation.

Grabbed some grand landscape shots on way to Gretna Green, the place on the Scottish border where young couples used to elope to get married without needing parents’ permission.  However, weather got worse, and rain came down making further shots impossible..

Gretna Green itself was dryish but overcast – one up on my previous time when it was pouring.  A wedding had just taken place, plenty of tourists. Shot of main Smithy from the road is the best option.

On to Edinburgh, and fortunately the weather improved, and the patchy rain cleared up.  Fringe Festival on, lots of tourists on Royal Mile, plenty of opportunities for character shots.  We attended the Tattoo, very cramped seating, but I used my Gitzo with the legs close together (more like a monopod) for my video and hand held my D200 with an 80/200 zoom (Auto ISO of course).  Quite successful on the whole.  Video really superior here, with the sounds of the bands coming out OK.

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