Falls of Shin, Ullapool and the Isle of Skye: Trip Notes

Heading for the Isle of Skye today, but made some detours.  "The Falls of Shin" may sound like something out of a Chinese kung-fu movie, but consists of a coule of rapid like waterfalls of brown water.  I tried some slow exposures to smooth out the waterflow, came out OK at 1/4 second. This area is owned by Mohamed El Fayed, who used to own Harrods, and there is an amazingly lifelike wax dummy of him from Madame Tussauds, dressed in a kilt, in the gift shop there. The fishing port of … [Read more...]

Clava Stone Circles, Culloden and the Castle of Mey: Trip Notes

The Clava stone circles, neolithic burial sites, are not really circles but doughnut mounds with standing stones around them.  There are three of them in a small park.  Fortunately, we had some morning sun.  A wide-angle shot from inside a mound looking out through the entrance passageway was a little different.  A 3/4 aerial view would be best, but nothing was around to climb up on. The sun was shining at Culloden battlefield too, although it tended to be in and out as the clouds swept by.  … [Read more...]