Edinburgh, Royal Mile and Pubs: Trip Notes

Still in Edinburgh, and took a trip into the Arthur’s Seat park.  Good shots of city and went for a panorama sequence.  Had a quick bus orientation tour round before going into the Edinburgh castle.  I already had good shots at the castle from last time, and the weather was sunny in patches, so only took a few photographs this year.

After the castle we walked down the Royal Mile. Plenty to shoot, especially shops selling souvenirs and kilts. Very busy at mid day but good shooting as we walked down to Holyrood House.  If you don’t want to go into the Palace, you can get a shot by poking your camera through the bars of the main gates. New parliament building makes an intersting shot; catch 36 bus back to New Town.

In the afternoon, a Scottish friend took us to a couple of good pubs, the first “John Kay” was particularly photogenic.  Necessary to be VERY low key – no flash, and shot in raw as the places were very dark inside and I wanted to push the exposure to cut down on customer movement. The Cumberland was more traditional, but still full of character with an interesting selection of beers on tap, try Alpha Dog  (I know this is not very photo orientated, but thought you’d like to know).

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