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"I got it yesterday and the sheer fact that Tony addresses the "real-life-needs" of us "no-pro-photographers" on travel is worth the sale price alone. Period."
- dogwatcher

"Just bought the E-Book , and loving it" - Paul Collins

"There are many esoteric and very worthwhile reasons why I bought your e-book, but the main ones are your terrific enthusiasm and no-nonsense approach and language! It fairly bounces off the page/screen and really encourages me to try to do more with my pictures!"
- Colin Bindloss

"Tony's book is certainly different and a welcome change from all those who inform us that the only times of day to make your images are the golden hours – what do you do with the rest of your time when you're only there for a day? Well, Tony tells you!"

"I recommended it to a friend in England who is off to Rome next week and it's given him lots of ideas. His comment was that Tony certainly backs up his talk with fantastic images."

"There's masses of tips for those who don't want to lug around a pile of equipment and haven't got the time to spend fiddling with gear all day. It's a very practical book, covers all the aspects, and should be a help to anyone looking to bring back more of an all-round impression of the places they visit."
- Kathleen Andersen

"I was up late into the night reading your fabulous book. I have always referred to myself as a Guerrilla Photographer. I shoot with a wide range of cameras from Hasselblad H-2 to Canon G10... I truly am very glad I purchased your book."
- Robert Denton

"I have now read through the entire book and I am very happy with it.
I particularly appreciate your down-to-earth approach and the many very practical tips about getting the most out of a travel experience. There are many gems throughout the book, which made me sit up and take notice."
- Ashley Stephens

"I have found the many thoughts and ideas in your Guerrilla Travel Photography publication useful and thought provoking."
- Glen Edwards

"Great to NZ next week to try out all my new knowledge!"
-  Julie Chapman

"I've only had the book for a couple of days, and have read a lot of it, but I must say that it is very well done! I am thoroughly pleased with my purchase, and I look forward to any other ebooks you may write in the future.

"The directions and suggestions are straight forward, easy to understand, and, to me, a valuable resource. I can't wait to try some of the techniques. I will have that chance this coming weekend.

"Thanks so much for putting this ebook together. I really appreciate it."
- Tom Harrington


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Tony Page, professional photographer and writer Date:
Tony Page, professional photographer and writer

You know, as a Guerrilla Travel Photographer I often find myself thinking that some people who give you advice about taking photographs when you're travelling need a reality check.

Okay, a lot of their advice is fine in an ideal situation, but the problem is you’re usually not in an ideal situation. You're usually not in some funky village in Northern Wazeeristan or the mountains of Eastern Patagonia either. Not that there's anything wrong with shooting in far-flung exotic locations, and photography is photography, but wouldn't you rather get some practical info on the travel situations you're more likely to be shooting in?

It often seems to me that these guys don’t seem to be able to distinguish between the ideal when you’ve got plenty of time and the reality when you haven't, and fail to place enough emphasis on the latter.

OK, here's what I've got for you.

Travel photography "how-to" advice with an aggressively practical spin, that starts off with the assumptions that the light’s wrong, the subject’s difficult, we don’t have any time and we’re not using the latest and greatest gear. Sound familiar? Because that’s the likely reality for most of us.

And that’s what my book is all about …travel photography in a real world!

riomaggiore gtp

It's a professionally designed, content-packed 259 page manual (129 double spreads, A4 size pages) that's really more like a course than an ebook. It provides you with a personal photographic armoury of creative tools, ninja practical tips and downright cunning techniques that will transform your travel images and the way you shoot on the road.

Above all, it is designed to be useful in the real world. The emphasis here is to give you solid information that you can use right away to improve your travel photography, with a minimum of technical jargon. What you’ll read here is distilled from literally decades of experience, not just my own but also that of other photographers, both professional and amateur, that I’ve known over the years.

Amongst other things,

red bulet We’ll be talking about getting the right gear, and what we really need (hint: It mostly depends on what you want to do with your photos later).
red bulet We’ll look into preparations for travel, packing and general security on the road -- at the airport, at the hotel, and out and about.
red bulet We’ll then get on to key Guerrilla Travel Photography basics, dealing with the general themes of time (and how to make the most of it), light (even when it’s not so good) and subject (making the right decisions as to what to photograph).
red bulet After that we get into the nitty-gritty of shooting stuff the guerrilla travel photographer way: people, landscapes, urbanscapes, interiors, and night shots.

Why You Should Get My Stuff.

samoa kids gtpBecause it will transform your travel images and the way you shoot on the road. Really.

Most of us are forced to be Guerrilla Travel Photographers by necessity. We can only fantasize about having all the time in the world to think about our shots, to wait for the right light, to choose different viewpoints, to have cooperative and colourful model talent, to try different technical approaches, all with a supportive crew behind us to carry our bags, bring us cool drinks, and mop our brow.

OK, I’m exaggerating, but you know what I mean. In the words of an immortal Australian, “Tell ‘im he’s dreamin’!”

The Guerrilla Travel Photography ebook is all about travelling and photographing for pleasure, especially when we’re on vacation.

And when we’re on vacation, we want to be enjoying ourselves, right?

petrodvorets gtpAs far as I'm concerned, that doesn’t include lumping around a heavy bag full of expensive glass and metal that threatens to give you a hernia by the end of the day (I have enough of that when I'm working - not the hernia bit though, not so far anyway).

Nor does it include enduring the infuriated wrath of my travelling companions or offspring because I’m forever spending ages taking shots while they hang around, bored out of their minds. 

What’s more, airline baggage allowances are more tightly enforced these days (I curse you, heartless check-in people, you know who you are, where is your pity?), so taking too much gear can prove expensive.

plitvice gtpNo, when I’m on vacation, I want to have fun, and if my fun is taking photographs, then I sure as heck want to enjoy myself while I’m doing it. That means making the most of my photo opportunities without losing sight of the fact that the other people I’m with might have other priorities. And also that there’s more to travel than looking at the world through a viewfinder.

For most of us, although we love taking photographs when we are on the road, it is not the only thing competing for our attention. So we have to take our chances when we can, “seize the moment” and take advantage of any opportunities that come our way.

We have to be Guerrilla Travel Photographers.

What You Should Do Next.

Buy this book. (Hey, what did you expect me to say?) Click on the Add to Cart button below and away you go. You can download the "Guerrilla Travel Photography" ebook right now and be reading it in minutes for only $29.95. That has to be a no-brainer. It's worth it just to check out the double-spread pictures.

But if you really need more info before shelling out your hard-earned cash, check out the list of contents or just sign up for my free 10 part e-course (cut-down sections from the book).

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red buletClick Here to see the List of Contents

red bulet
Sign up for my Free 10 part Guerrilla Travel Photography Mini-Ecourse
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Now I know some of you are maybe still thinking that you can't risk your hard-earned dollars to give this a go... Fair enough. There's so much garbage on the web at the moment I have problems trusting people too.

This is why I've decided to take all the risk away from you and guarantee your success with my...(roll of drums)...


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I am so confident that you'll be totally blown away with the value offered by theGuerrilla Travel Photography" ebook I am willing to offer you an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee.

Here's the deal...

Just place your order for my ebook, read it and see what you think. If possible, use some of the creative tools, tips and techniques you discover within it. I reckon you'll decide you scored a bargain.


If for any reason you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply notify me within 60 days and I will refund you every last cent, with absolutely no questions asked.

(That's how confident I am in the information you'll be getting!)

That’s over 8 weeks to check out my ebook and put my recommendations to the test! I don’t think I can be any fairer than that. Either you think you got your money's worth or you get your entire purchase price back. No questions or quibbles, just a straight refund.


You Can Be Reading
"Guerrilla Travel Photography"
In Less Than 5 Minutes!

You can download the "Guerrilla Travel Photography" ebook right now and be reading it in minutes for only $29.95. I think that's a fair price (no brainer, really).

The "Guerrilla Travel Photography" ebook is supplied in Adobe PDF format and needs the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it. You've probably already got that on your computer, but if you haven't it's a free download from Adobe.

kremlindomes gtpOne big advantage of having it in PDF form is that the index is hyperlinked so you can click on a subject and go straight there. You can also click on the various links to external resources in the ebook and go to them directly.

(Of course, you can always print it out if you'd like to have something physical; lots of pictures, though)



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You can win the battle to get better travel photographs. Get solid information that you can use right away to improve your travel photography, with a minimum of technical jargon. Sign up today and get ready to lock and load.

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If you continue on the same path, will the kind of stunning, imaginative travel images you desperately want to take ever be within your reach? Or will you continue, stuck in a rut, dissatisfied with the same standard of travel photos you've always taken but not knowing how to move forward?

gondolas gtpI can promise you'll be amazed at the improvement in your photos if you make the effort to take advantage of the stuff I show you. Honestly, don't underestimate your own potential. You can do it!

Fire up your Guerrilla Travel Photographer mojo, get on the road and start taking better travel pictures, but most importantly start to shoot with a plan!

Also remember, that you are making this purchase at absolutely no risk. So grab this low price while you can! If the Guerrilla Travel Photography ebook isn’t everything you were expecting, simply notify me within 30 days and I will refund your money immediately.

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Let me give you one more reason why you should buy this ebook today:

It gives you all the key advice and information on improving your travel photos in one easy-to-use resource. Why spend hours and hours tracking down information (you won't find most of it, anyway) that may or may not be reliable when you can learn what you need to know to radically change your shooting style for the better – and I do mean radically – in one convenient, inexpensive manual?

Please take your time and read this page over. $29.95 is a pretty good deal. 
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red bulet
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