Guerrilla Travel Photography Ebook Guerrilla Travel Photography
List of Contents


About the Author 10

About The Photos 12


Time to Get Real 15

What This Book Is About & How To Use It 17

Before We Start, A Few Things To Think About… 18

Use the Right Technique for the Situation 18

The Key Thing: Making Memories 20

A Lurking Danger 22

Important, But Not The Main Thing 24

Get the Right Gear 26

So Why Do We Take Photos When We Travel? 28

So What DO We Need? 30

Bigger Is Better: The Myth of the Megapixel 30

Using Your Photos Online 30

Screen Needs 30


Online Is Easy 32

Printing 32

Resolution Is Not a Problem 34

Other Tech Factors Affecting a "Good Photograph" 36

How Can We Use These Factors? 36

Real Photographers Only Use Manual – Not! 40

Don't Be Scared Of Auto Modes 40

Learn To Use Exposure Compensation 40

White Balance: Don't Chop and Change 42

A Walk down the Champs Elysées Is Not a Trek in Nepal, a Tour of Tuscany Is Not a Serengeti Safari 44

So What Do We Need To Take? 46

Why Should We Carry A Point-And-Shoot? 48

It's Better to Be Inconspicuous 48

The Best Point-and-Shoot? 48

Beat Murphy's Law 48

Okay, But Really, What Should We Take? 50

Camera and Lenses 50

Flash 50

Tripods 50

Camera bag 52

Memory cards 52

Storing and Backing up Your Shots 57

Batteries 58

How Not To Need Physiotherapy after You Get Home 60

Get Peace of Mind 60

Get Ahead Of the Pack Before You Leave 63

Where to Get Your Information 63

Get a Sneak Preview Before You Go 64

Can You Change Your Settings In The Dark? 66

Packing 68

Prepare For the Worst 68

Carry Enough to Do the Job 68

Carrying the Weight 68

Devious and Cunning Get-arounds 68

Use TSA Padlocks 70

Stuff To Do Before You Go 70

Travelling (General Security) 72

Airport 72

Hotel 72

Pickpockets 74

Guerrilla Travel Photography Basics 78

Time 80

So What Strategies Can We Adopt To Solve The Problem Of Insufficient Time? 82

Remember the Pyramid 82

Start at the Top and Work Down 82

Some Guerrilla Travel Time Strategies *Important 84

Light 86

The Problem with the "Golden Hours" 86

Only Mad Dogs and Englishmen Go Out In the Midday Sun 86

At Noon, a Polarising Filter Is Your Friend 86

Solving the Shadow Problem 88

The Sunny Side of the Street 88

Expose For The Highlights? 89

Shooting People 91

Adopt a Diffuse Approach 91

Use Flash Compensation 92

Reflect and Lighten 92

Shooting Into the Light 94

When the Rain Comes Down 96

Look For Strong Colours 96

What to Shoot On Dull Days 97

Subject 99

You Gotta Be Quick On The Draw 99

Research Will Save You Time 100

Check Out The Postcards 103

Get Your Bearings 104

Make Up Your Shot List 104

Key Technique: Division of Labour 105

Take the Tour 106

Hop-on, Hop-off 106

A Recce Will Set You Up 106

I Can't Get It All In... 108

One Is Not Enough 108

Build a Three Dimensional Reality 108

Think Collage, Shoot a Series 108

The Best Zoom Lens Is Your Own Two Feet 110

Use Your Feet, Not Your Zoom 110

Shooting Stuff 112

People 114

Get Yourself Shot – and Maybe Your Partner? 114

The Two Golden Rules of Getting Yourself Photographed 116

Use Your Friend as a Prop 118

Shooting Travel Portraits 120

External Portraits 127

Internal Portraits 130

Shooting Groups 134

High Noon Action: Street Shooting From the Hip 138

Shoot Wide 138

Set Things Up Front 138

Check Your Light 138

Shoot like a Film Director 143

You are there! 143

Tailor-Made People-Shooting Occasions 144

Should I or Shouldn't I? Paying For Photos 146

Street Entertainers and Local "Stars" 146

Where Problems Arise and What I Do 147

Landscapes 150

A Few General Points 150

Which Lens Should I Use? 153

Don't Forget the Foreground 154

"So What's This A Picture Of?" 156

Far Horizons 158

Use the Spirit Level, Luke 158

Where to Put the Horizon 158

"Well, it doesn't look very big to me " 160

Check Out Different Viewpoints 163

The Joy of Filters 164

One-dimensional light 164

The Graduated Path to Landscape Nirvana 168

Don't Be a Fair Weather Shooter 170

Grey Skies, Nothing but Grey Skies… 170

Landscape Subjects 173

Village or Town From Afar 173

Gardens and Parks 173

Waterfalls, Lakes and Streams 174

Islands 178

Sunsets 180

Shooting Wide: Panoramas 184

Urbanscapes 188

Find The Light -- And Some Great Colours -- And Shoot What's In It! 190

Shoot the Parts As Well As the Whole 193

Make Like a Movie Director 194

Urbanscape Subjects 196

Squares 199

Buildings 200

Markets 202

Shops 210

Interiors 216

Tripod Deprivation Syndrome 216

Shoot The Signs, Really 216

Palaces, Stately Homes 218

Far From the Madding Crowd -- Not! 218

Plan Ahead, Grab the Shot 218

Beat the Barriers 218

Look Upwards 220

Think Available Light 220

Settings: Go For Flexibility 220

You Need Support 220

What to Do With Windows 222

A Question of Balance 222

Don't Ignore the Gift Shop 222

Churches 225

Guerrilla Support Techniques 225

Lens Matters 225

On The Spot Research 227

Catch Candlelight Chances 227

Shooting the Nave 228

Be Sure To Explore 228

Stained Glass Windows 228

Check Other Areas 230

Restaurants, Cafes 232

Get the Name Outside 232

It's All About The Food 234

To Flash Or Not To Flash… 234

Close-Up Food Shooting 234

Brand Your Shots 237

Red Wine Trickery 237

The Golden Rule of Shooting Food in Restaurants 237

Ask the Waiter 238

Night Shots 240

Exposing At Night 242

City Skyline: Don't Burn Out 242

Bright City Lights 242

White Night Balance 244

Squares, Streets 246

In The Mood: Look For Light 246

Shooting the Action 248

Floodlit Buildings 250

Neon Signs 252

Don't Let the Neon Burn Out 253

A Final Few Words 255

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Thanks for checking this out, and I hope you find it helpful.

Good shooting, 


Tony Page
Author of the Guerrilla Travel Photography” ebook
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